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The City of Stockholm intends to have a pre study on how cooperation with nonprofit organizations can help making them more accessible to the senior citizens. One possible outcome is that the increased use of these services helps to improve the quality of life for the senior citizens as well as their health.

The City of Stockholm also intends to investigate how the City, through the design of policies, can stimulate and facilitate for the private sector and nonprofit organizations to spread around the City or how the City can become more rapid in implementing new solutions in terms of systems and working methods. The goal is to develop a plan on how the City can implement the tool Mobile sprinklers in order to improve the fire protection for the elderly people living within the City, which is on the City’s agenda. Mobile sprinklers are easy to install and due to the increased fire protection it brings greater safety for both the housing itself as well as its neighbors. This system is relatively new and has been tested within a few other municipalities in Sweden, though not yet in the City of Stockholm.

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