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For the city of Helsinki, the DAA project will develop a new kind of service provision model and personal budgeting funding and operating model. It will also create a network of service providers who will support these operating models.

The goal is to offer clients a more flexible service provision than is currently the case. With the new kind of service planning and budgeting, the elderly can organise their own support and services in an appropriate way and lead the kind of lives that they want to live. The target group are people over the age of 65 who are receiving informal care in their own homes, and regular and temporary clients of home care support services, of which there are approximately 100. The Lauttasaari district in Helsinki is used as a case study.

The scope of the practice is not to make user research or create future service concepts, but based on the work already done in Lauttasaari project to identify the leverage points within a complex senior care systems i.e. policy areas and management practices within City of Helsinki and service departments of national government where a shift is needed for sustaining and scaling the care manager and personal budgeting models.

The overall objective of the design intervention is to make policy makers and managers on strategic level to understand their importance and role in innovation process. In other words key persons in strategic management should be aware of the opportunities what the Lauttasaari service provision and personal budgeting model creates. They also should be inspired to make decisions to support the implementation and breakthrough of the Lauttasaari service provision and personal budgeting model for better wellbeing and more productive senior services.

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