Thank you for an exciting final event


The International Design Center Berlin would like to thank all partners and especially the Barcelona Design Center for a successful and exciting final event.

We were particularly pleased with the comprehensive results. During the project it became more and more evident that its actual value was not only the innovative and sustainable solutions for senior care, but the distribution of the service design methodology. It was great to see how all partners embraced and utilized this method to achieve compelling findings and human-centered solutions. At the end of the project, all partners agreed that service design is a true enrichment and a unique way to merge different perspectives and to work together to develop new approaches – not only for senior care but for all public services.
Just like all partners IDZ presented its project findings at the event. Within the framework of the DAA project IDZ had done intensive research in terms of stakeholder acceptance of assistive technology and robotics. After an inspiring co-creation workshop, we were able to extend the set of acceptance criteria and to make recommendations that might be helpful for future implementations of ideas and concepts in the field of AAL (Ambient Assisted Living). You can download the presentation of IDZ here.

We are grateful for have had the opportunity to be partner in such a great project and we will keep pushing the values of service design. Thanks to all involved parties and participants.