The senior day: Wawa Design Festival

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On 10th September 2013 SohoFactory in Warsaw hosted “The senior day – design without limits” – a whole day event within Wawa Design Festival organized by the City of Warsaw in the partnership with Polish National Centre for Culture and organizations working on the field of design and culture.

“The senior day” consisted of discussion panels and workshops concerning the topic of inclusive design for seniors and people with disabilities. The main goal of  the event was to make recommendations for inclusive design for the elderly and define the loopholes in different areas such as social policies and urban architecture.
In the discussion participated represenatatives of the NGOs, Warsaw citizens and the City of Warsaw.
The debate participants agreed on the need of the inter-sector cooperation in the field of implementation of inclusive design projects.

What is a social design? – workshop organized by Towarzystwo Inicjatyw Twórczych Ę (Zuzanna Sikorska and Robert Pludra)

Design for seniors. Maturity well designed – discussion panel on the City of Warsaw results in DAA project

The discussion participants:
Zuzanna Sikorska and Robert Pludra – Towarzystwo Inicjatyw Twórczych Ę (Society for Creative Initiatives „Ę”)
Maja Gaszyniec and Krystian Kowalski – Studio Kompott
Halina Kowalska – active Warsaw senior citizen
Lubomira Trojan – Zamek Cieszyn representative
Representatives of the City of Warsaw

Space universally designed – discussion panel on the universal solutions in design.

The discussion participants:
Piotr Pawłowski – Stowarzyszenie Integracja (Association Integration)
Grzegorz Wilczek – Fundacja Pomocy Matematykom i Informatykom Niesprawnym Ruchowo (Foundation of the Aid to Mathematics and IT specialists with Motion Disabilities)
Patrycja Dołowy – Fundacja Mama (Foundation MaMa)
Małgorzata Pacholec – Polski Związek Niewidomych (Polish Blind Men Union)
Krzysztof Kaperczak – Social Council for the People with Disabilities

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