Transforming Long-term Care in Europe:  Improving Quality and Ensuring Access

| in scenario Antwerp, Barcelona, Berlin, Helsinki, Oslo, Sofia, Stockholm, Warsaw

With an ageing population and growing costs, ensuring and improving the quality of long-term care (LTC) services has become an important policy priority across OECD countries. According to the recent OECD and European Commission Health Policy Study: A Good Life in Old Age? Monitoring and Improving Quality in Long-term Care (June 2013), the fastest-growing age group are people over 80, whose number will almost triple by 2060, rising from 4.6% of the EU population to 12% in 2050, resulting in an increased demand for long-term care. It is estimated that nearly 6% of those over 80 will need help to cope with their daily activities, however, even today families and public authorities struggle to deliver and pay for high-quality care for elderly people with reduced capabilities.

Following the EU-funded project ANCIEN and the Council’s guidelines for the 2012 European Year or Active Ageing, this timely international symposium provides an invaluable opportunity to explore how coordination between Member States can be strengthened to implement a sustainable plan for long-term care. Delegates will discuss how data collection, financing opportunities, quality of care and jobs in the sector can be improved to provide better longterm care across Europe.

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