• Cross-Border Healthcare in Europe: Improving Co-operation to Deliver a Patient-Centred System

    Healthcare is one of the largest economic sectors in the EU and accounts for approximately 17m jobs, and is expected to come under increasing pressure as the demand for healthcare in Europe rises. The number of people aged 65 and above is estimated to double in the near future and, in recent years, the cross-border nature of health threats has increased. Consequently, the need for better implementation of the EU Directive on Cross-Border Healthcare is vital, as is the continued investigation into innovative solutions and applications of European healthcare resources.

  • Transforming Long-term Care in Europe:  Improving Quality and Ensuring Access

    With an ageing population and growing costs, ensuring and improving the quality of long-term care (LTC) services has become an important policy priority across OECD countries. According to the recent OECD and European Commission Health Policy Study: A Good Life in Old Age? Monitoring and Improving Quality in Long-term Care (June 2013), the fastest-growing age group are people over 80, whose number will almost triple by 2060, rising from 4.6% of the EU population to 12% in 2050, resulting in an increased demand for long-term care. It is estimated
    that nearly 6% of those over 80 will need help to cope with their daily activities, however, even today families and public authorities struggle to deliver and pay for high-quality care for elderly people with reduced capabilities.

  • Barcelona Workshop

    On November 27th, Barcelona Design Center (BCD) will host a workshop on the subject of improving the quality of life of senior citizens suffering from Alzheimer and Dementia

  • Open Days 2013 w Brukseli

    W dniach 7-10 października 2013 roku w Brukseli odbyła się konferencja Open Days 2013. Dni Otwarte – Europejski Tydzień Regionów i Miast jest corocznym kilkudniowym wydarzeniem, podczas którego miasta i regiony Europy prezentują swoje doświadczenia w zakresie tworzenia wzrostu gospodarczego i zatrudnienia w ramach polityki spójności Unii Europejskiej.

  • The senior day: Wawa Design Festival

    On 10th September 2013 SohoFactory in Warsaw hosted “The senior day – design without limits” – a whole day event within Wawa Design Festival organized by the City of Warsaw in the partnership with Polish National Centre for Culture and organizations working on the field of design and culture.

  • Stockholm workshop

    The workshop will be based upon the impact assessment developed by the Academic Think Tank Leading Health Care with the focus on how the processes of implementation of new methods or technologies can be facilitated and expedited in the City of Stockholm. Our aim with this international co-designed workshop is to get input on how the City, through the design of policies, can facilitate for voluntary organizations, private stakeholders and technical design to establish more fully.

  • Oslo workshops

    From January 27 to 29, the Oslo project partner, Omsorgsbygg Oslo KF, will host several meetings, visits and workshops. Some of the items on the agenda:

  • Warsaw workshop

    On 12th and 13th of November 2012 in the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw was held an international meeting with a view of devising solution for the Intergenerational Activity Centre in Warsaw and discussing the topic of a common importance – active ageing.

  • Kick-off meeting Helsinki

    The DAA project’s kick-off meeting − A better and more productive public sector- Co-designing policies and decision making − will be held at the Helsinki City Hall on 22 May 2012. The conference is part of the event programme of Helsinki World Design Capital 2012.