• The senior day: Wawa Design Festival

    On 10th September 2013 SohoFactory in Warsaw hosted “The senior day – design without limits” – a whole day event within Wawa Design Festival organized by the City of Warsaw in the partnership with Polish National Centre for Culture and organizations working on the field of design and culture.

  • Antwerp workshops

    From June 5 to 7, the Belgian project partner Care Company Antwerp, in collaboration with Design Flanders, will host several meetings, visits and workshops. The agenda is detailed below:

  • Stockholm workshop

    The workshop will be based upon the impact assessment developed by the Academic Think Tank Leading Health Care with the focus on how the processes of implementation of new methods or technologies can be facilitated and expedited in the City of Stockholm. Our aim with this international co-designed workshop is to get input on how the City, through the design of policies, can facilitate for voluntary organizations, private stakeholders and technical design to establish more fully.