Norrmalms stadsdelsförvaltning, Stockholm Stad

The City of Stockholm has a well established system for social services and for elderly care. Also, the City of Stockholm has within elderly care practised customer’s choice within home service since the year of 2002, within nursing homes since 2008 and within daytime activities for people with dementia since 2009, and is thus well familiar with the involvement of SMEs. Moreover, various District Councils within the City are participating in an ongoing project regarding key-free home service – a system which leads to both improvements regarding the security in the operation of home service, is time efficient and spares the environment. Furthermore, the City of Stockholm is on a leading edge when it comes to distributing information to its citizens. However, since the City of Stockholm, as the rest of the Swedish society, faces major changes regarding the ageing population, it's necessary to find new ways of ensuring that elderly people will have the care that they need in the future.