Miasto Stołeczne Warszawa

The City of Warsaw is a local self-government unit which executes public tasks of local nature belonging to the competences of a gmina - municipality and poviat - county (two local administrational levels), as well as tasks resulting from the capital character of the city. The city provides public services, encompassing municipal and social services and it is also responsible for satisfying the needs of the inhabitants in the field of: education, health care, culture, social welfare, safety and public order. Taking into account demographic changes and trends related to ageing of Warsaw society, the City of Warsaw focuses also on tasks and services dedicated to elderly people. Two strategic documents: Social Strategy for the City of Warsaw for 2009-2020 and Warsaw Development Strategy until 2020 say that there is a strong need to improve the living situation of seniors, especially in the field of health care, education and sport to make them independent and active.