IDZ | Internationales Design Zentrum Berlin

Since its founding in 1968, the IDZ has been a pioneer among the design centers in Germany. As a non-profit institution, the IDZ has committed itself to design-promotion between science and arts as well as between business and consumers. IDZ has various competences in the field of Design and Demographic Change as well as in the field of strategic use of design processes as an instrument for developing innovative and new approaches and ideas. E.g. Since 2007 IDZ is carrying out a project for the German federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, focusing on design as relevant factor to improve the array of user-friendly products, which allow elderly people an independent daily life. IDZ is working very closely with local, regional and federal politics to improve the added-value that design can constitute. IDZ is consulting policy for Questions of political Design-Strategy as well as for implementing a more holistic role of design in economy and society.