Helsingin kaupunki

The City of Helsinki employs 40,000 people, spread over 36 departments. The social-welfare and health-care services provided by the City of Helsinki are designed to promote the well-being of children and young people, to prevent marginalisation and to develop services for the elderly.

City services for the elderly aim to enable old people to remain at home for as long as possible, should they so wish. The City supplements its own services with subcontracted services, and assistance is provided for relatives looking after an elderly person at home. The DAA project participation for the city is divided between two department: the Social Services department acts in the role of context expert and the International relations department takes care of project management and supports both the social services department and other partners in making sure the the project is coordinated towards best results.

The City of Helsinki is the designated World Design Capital 2012 and the theme is Open Helsinki – Embedded Design. The DAA project is part of the official programme and at the core of the WDC2012 mission.