DAA sets out to

  • rethink and redefine senior care by using innovative processes and design methods
  • find feasible and sustainable solutions that keep senior citizens physically and socially active and that provide them with the care they need
  • improve the effectiveness of local policies by learning from best practices elsewhere and assessing their transferability
  • use design to build the innovation capacity of cities, to enhance their service development, and to improve their policy making
  • adopt a 360-degree approach by searching for systemic solutions in different areas and by involving all kinds of stakeholders
  • make it easier for public authorities to find strategic and service design competencies to support their policy making 
  • increase awareness of the complex issues that arise from demographic ageing and the many challenges that senior care poses
  • jointly develop action plans, design briefs, best practice descriptions, field visits, thematic workshops, and guidelines for policy makers and public organizations